Casino in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico with a motto that they can "do it better" certainly have some unlikeness with the casinos in Nevada.

There is significant difference between casinos in Nevada even if they are just across the street and much more among casinos of different cities and countries.

Take Puerto Rico for example. Puerto Rican casinos are government regulated. Official rules of the game of blackjack are posted on the walls of each casino in plain sight to everyone. This means an advantage for the casino can't change the rules right now and then if it notices a winning systems player.

Other games available such as craps and roulette also have their rules posted well. In all other casinos in town, the rules are uniform although there is some space for other options to be applied.

An added protection by the government is having a government man stationed in casino playing areas at all times. This is highly in contrast with the situation in Nevada.

The blackjack game itself is dealt face up from two decks straight from a dealing box or shoe. The decks are of two different colors. The shoe is left open so you can see the back of the top card. The dealer's hand often covered the card so well the instant is turned face up so the color is not determined.

In Puerto Rican casinos no hard drinks are offered. Liquor or alcoholic drinks in general impairs the players' judgment and removes their inhibitions. There they serve snacks instead such as sandwiches and Coke. Evening dress is the rule.

The blackjack rules allow the player to play as many initial hands (before pair splitting) as there are empty places. Therefore the potential for a greater the number of hands per hour played will yield the greater profit from a system used.

The same rules apply but doubling down is restricted to totals of 11 only. The betting limits are lower than in Nevada.

In Puerto Rico the biggest 24- hour casino is the Condado Plaza. It boasts of a 12,500 square feet gaming space and more than 400 slot machines for guests to play. Here, the betting starts at $2 to $2,000. They also have croupiers that can teach you how to play the games.

San Juan is the place where most casinos stand. There are four casino facilities and eight slot machine establishment. We foresee the opening of a couple of new bingo sites in 2012.

Aside from the captivating casino games Puerto Rico possess tempting beaches as you play in contrast to the desert that surrounds Nevada. So think about it, where is your next gambling holiday? How about thinking of a Puerto Rico trip?