Gambling and Superstitions

We have all seen the person "knock on wood" hoping that what they want to happen will happen. Well, there are also a lot of superstitions with gamblers. Just stop by any casino or bingo parlor and watch all the different actions taken by the players and even good luck charms that are used to bring good fortune on each player. You can also see actions that wish bad luck for their opponents being either the dealer/house or opposing players.

Superstitions have been around as long as man has been around and will probably stay with us for many generations to come. If fact you can even see it being done by professional sports players before, during, and after sporting events.

Take for example in baseball the wearing of the rally cap, where the players sometimes reverse their caps while waiting in the dugout. Not sure if this really helps the team to rally to victory but, who is going to tell all those ballplayers that it is not going to work. This is true especially if their team actually ends up making the desired rally and winning the game.

The same holds true in gambling. Stop by any bingo parlor and see all the good luck charms on the tables next to each player. In fact some have several. Before the game starts many players will only select cards based on different personal rules. For example many may only select cards that have numbers from their phone number on them, or birthdates of family members. Also, where they sit in the parlor is a definite advantage for many.

Well let's just say in their mind it is an advantage, like sitting in the seventh row in the seventh seat from the left on even numbered days and from the right if it is an odd numbered day. And heaven forbid if the player is running late and someone gets their favorite seat. They will probably blame the bingo players in heaven for their not winning on not having their favorite seat. Now what if they winů.. Wow they were following the wrong feelings all along and now they have a new superstition that they can follow to win in the future.

Did the actual seat selection make a difference, hmmmm who is going to tell them any different especially if they won and feel it was because of the new seat and not the sequence of called bingo numbers.

Have you seen the poker players with some of their different outfits and hats and different routines they go through. Many are very stoic and will only wear sunglasses because they are sure you can read their thoughts if you look into their eyes. And what about the lady that only stacks her chips a certain way and places them in only a certain order. Interestingly much of this is considered just a habit by the players and in conversations or interviews most will never admit to being superstitious with their actions. However, watch the next few times they play and not surprisingly the same habits and actions tend to repeat over and over.

What about when we down to the final two players and we are waiting for the final card to be turned over. Watch the person that has the winning hand already putting a hex on the dealer or the cards so his or her opponent so that they will not get the card they need to win. Also at the same time watch the person wanting the new card to be their winning card.

Interesting how superstitions play such a big role in our gambling exploits.